Good Girls Don’t Make History

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Beautiful Nude Right now is the best time to make history, right now is the best time to live and be creative, to be a rebel and be a nonconformist, right now is the best time to live your life and be you, right now is the best time to live and experience life from the other side, from a different point of view.

With the many wars and hatred in the world right now, the body shaming and the rules of the society and the pressure to be a cliché, to be the definition of the everyday life, the regular kind of person, boring, the good girl life, be this and you are that already, no chance to explore the artiste in you, the creativity of your mind, the imaginations of your thoughts.

Interior Designers Being a good girl is boring, your freedom they take away, your confidence too and they make you exist like you don’t matter, we all do matter, our opinions and contributions, our passion and visions, that they don’t give you the chance to access as a good girl, a certain way they expect you to behave and act, from their own point of view they want you to see things, but really if you want your work and memories to speak for you, it’s the best time to be a misfit.

When you don’t fit they want to explore you, they want to experience you even, your works they find meaning in, your sense and what made you, the creativity of your heart, your passion and guts, soon they’ll celebrate you, celebrate the woman that you are, the misfit that is beautiful with a charm so unique that you become the new culture, the new way of life.

Statement WearsThe world only celebrate the different one because you standout, a misfit not a cliché, not a good girl but the girl that’s making history