Guns and Crush

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Street Sexy

Getting involved in a crime sometimes can happen without your knowledge; you can be victim of circumstance, being at the right place at the wrong time.

Demolition and vacation of space has being a norm around here, every government want to build the state the way they feel it’s right, lots of space has been misused and allocated wrongly to different people, like churches in residential areas, schools beside the market, mosque opposite a club, you’ll wonder what really happened during allocation. On this day, we are to give notice to the occupant of a bar to vacate their current space. The bar was operating down stairs of a primary school, on a daily the little students witness all sort of things happening at this bar, ashawos on the street, robbery and sometimes gun fight. After a recent clash between touts that came to the tattoo parlor at the rear section of the bar, the ashawos and their pimps, the government decided to shut the place down.

Got to the bar to ask of the man in charge, he was furious and angry when I served him the eviction letter, had to talk him calm, suggesting a place they could move their business to, which will cost less and get them many profit, he bought the idea half way. The bar manager often complain about the crime and all sort that happens there. I suggested to him one empty abandoned warehouse that was not so far away from there current location adjacent to a police station. It’s nobody’s property, the real owner left the place after he was told by some spiritual people that the place was not meant for him, that the place will ruin him. Since he left nobody has occupied the place and since it’s adjacent a police station all the crime and fight he complains of will be reduced, he said he’ll think about it.

Ashawo is legal, it’s a profession the girls do with pride and the city loves them for it because they’ve help cub the issue of rape and sexual molestation a little, you get the best girls here, pretty and hot, they will make you feel right. In this town we have male ashawos too, many married women have bad sex with their husbands, they get satisfied by the male hookers. Marijuana is almost legal too, you have the liberty to smoke it indoor, but gunfight and any forms of thuggery is not allowed, that’s the real crime here. Fridays is official sin day, get drunk all you want but don’t drive, hookers give discount sometimes on Fridays, maybe on Black Fridays even, the street is always happy on Fridays, it’s a day to experience all your wild. Fridays are the best days here.

It was a two weeks notice, with a warning and reminder notice after a week of the initial issuing of the letter.

Brown Girl

It’s one of those days my vibe for flirting comes up strong, my charming game was on fire this day. She’s fine, pretty and sexy, a goddess in the flesh, she was on an elastic cotton pink gown. It was her rear i saw  and I was tripping already, I walked up to her, the hello I said got a reply, her voice is pretty too, hi she said as she turn to face me charming, her lips full and rich, her voice tender like a baby, could not hide the lust in my thought, she could see the naughty thought that was going on in my head, she laughed looking away from my burning eyes. I  was shy a little of how exposed my thoughts were, so I decided not to tell her all the naughty in my head, I apologize for lustfully looking at her, we got talking and she’s fun to talk with, she’s a movie addict too, she love boring movies and she’s an indoor person of course, soon we were talking about our favorite movies, we’ve got lots in common, our company was fun and we couldn’t stop talking as we walk to the cashier to pay for what we’ve bought.

I asked her what her program was for the day and she said she’s free and even if she’s not she’ll be free because it’s been awhile since she’s been with someone that could make her laugh and feel like she’s not weird. I asked her to lunch as a friend, not a date or someone I will love to have sex with, though it will be fun having sex with her, I can only imagine what the skin under those clothes will be like, the curve of her breast. She replied I thought you’ll never ask, so I told her we’ve got some errands to run together before going for lunch, she was curious what kind of errand, told her it’s to deliver a reminder letter to a bar, she was excited as she said she has never been to that bar before, she’s heard about the activities that happens there. It was an adventure for two.

Unknown to us it was an ambush we drove into. Few hours before we arrived customers of the bar had a fight with a policeman, as we parked our car at the front entrance of the bar they thought it was the policeman that came back reinforced, we’ve walk into the middle of the bar, away from the entrance and they opened fire on us, it was crazy, like in the movies, we were terrified, she was half dead, her shouts was louder than the sound of the guns, she ran zigzag into one of the open door not knowing where it leads, she was just searching for a safe place. I ran the opposite direction and she was too far away, besides it looks safe where she is, I ran into one of the shooters and it was a battle for life. I know I have to survive, I fought with all the sense, strength and technique I have, as he was changing his magazine I hit him into comma with all of my strength.  I took the gun from him with extra bullets and took cover, dodging bullets. I call the rapid response squad the moment I was able to.

I could hear her scream loud from the dark unknown corner of the bar, I was scared not sure what’s happening to her, she was screaming for help as her voice fades away, coming from a far end am not sure. I was beginning to feel bad with regret but no time to dwell on regrets, I move closer carefully taking cover at every possible point, the gunshots are now reduced as I followed the cry of her voice that lead me upstairs.

Police truck arrived and the guns came alive again, it was crazier than the first time we came in, I could hear her voice from a room down stairs again, the door I came in through was a no go area now, the sounds of guns coming from there was so loud I know it’s a danger zone, the only way down is through the balcony, high and it’s a concrete floor underneath, while searching for a safer route I saw a closer roof to jump and walk on.As I landed on the roof it was a rain of gunshot coming from under me, out of confusion I shot back at the direction the shot was coming from, I fell half way obstructed by the electric wires, I was scared to death.

Luckily for us more police arrive to surmount the situation, they were able to calm the situation, making arrest. Couldn’t hear her voice again, many scary thought rush into my mind, as I raise from the ground I saw a pretty lady walking in the embrace of a policeman through the large hall, the walk is familiar I know that’s her.I became glad she made it, I rose up in a rush to meet her and you can guess the conversation that happened next. She was terrified and interesting.