Habit Of A Fashionista

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Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping – Bo Derek
Sure, draping yourself in the coolest labels and “It” items might give you a boost of instant sartorial gratification, but in six months those pieces will be obsolete, and you’ll feel compelled to keep up with the cycle of buying the next round of coveted pieces. Exhausting!
So many tend to be victim to this cycle. Blame it on street style obsession. Years ago, most people working outside fashion wouldn’t have necessarily been aware of what the big ‘It’ items were within the industry, unless they truly loved and followed fashion.
Today, all they need to do is take a quick peek at Pinterest, or visit any one of the personal style blogs that exist, and they’ll be inundated with up to the minute images of Céline, Proenza Schouler, Givenchy, Chanel,Tom Ford, Alexander Mcqueen and other top level labels. And that, in turn, can result in scores of making many look well, exactly like everyone else and going broke in the process.
Then, however, there are those images you’ll see on blogs or street style sites of women who look so amazingly chic, cool, or interesting who aren’t covered in head to toe labels, but rather know how to take nondescript pieces and style them in such a way that their whole look is completely enviable and covetable.
These, peeps are the truly stylish people we all should aim to take our fashion inspiration from. So here today is the compilation of 7 habits of a true fashionista

1. They don’t surf street style blogs and copy exactly what they see, label for label.
In this day and age, street style photos are a bona fide source of fashion inspiration. In fact, we spend a pretty hefty portion of our day stalking Pinterest and culling various galleries to offer our readers (and ourselves) great ideas when it comes to seasonal outfits.
Just because you saw some fashion bloger or celeb draped in TomFord, Mcqueen, Kenzo, Chanel, or Céline isn’t a great reason to go out and splurge on the same stuff.

2. They aren’t afraid of any store and can find something almost anywhere. Legitimately stylish peeps will troll to any store with zero snob factor, yet they stay true to their aesthetic. For example, she won’t be afraid to pop into a cheesy-seeming teen store at the mall, but that doesn’t mean she’ll leave with the same things her 12-year-old cousin would. She might find some killer black leggings, a shrunken blazer, the perfect pair of skinny jeans, or some great costume jewelry.

3. They know how to style themselves according to their own taste. Isn’t it always the case that the most stylish girls will say “This blouse? It’s from Goodwill like 100 years ago” and actually mean it?
Yeah, the blouse itself is probably pretty cool, but it’s really the way she styled it maybe she tucked into great fitting jeans, unbuttoned one extra button, rolled up the sleeves, and added some cool necklaces that made everyone comment on it.
The trick is to go with what your style is. More into menswear? Find a similar blouse, button it all the way up, and add a tailored blazer to put your own spin on it.

4. They always look a little less “done” than everyone else. 
Fashionista’s are often in the habit of always appearing a teeny tiny bit too cool for every scenario they’re in.
This might mean wearing a pair of slip on sneakers when every other girl is teetering on heels, wearing a chic skinny pantsuit when every other woman is rocking glittery party dresses, or chopping her hair into a messy bob when everyone else has long beachy waves. Small things that always make them look a little less “done.”

5. They understand labels don’t make them cooler. It sounds cliché, but the most stylish women and men, for that matter in the world are ones who have confidence, and who know they don’t need the expensive sweatshirt or costly handbag to make themselves appear cool.
These folks can step out in a faded gray tee and jeans and still look like the coolest person in the room all because they have confidence.

6. They aren’t especially trendy.
Some of the most stylish people are the ones who rarely shift from a basic over arching aesthetic, whether that aesthetic is made up of minimalist staples, or colorful flashy pieces. As time goes on, they’ll replace items with newer, more modern looking ones, but they’ll never fall victim to fly by night trends.

7. They don’t dress to be considered stylish. Before blogs, before street style, and before Fashion Week became a competition for who has the most attention grabbing clothing, young women dressed for themselves, their lifestyle, and what looked good on them.
 It doesn’t matter if those heels are Alexander Wang if you can’t walk in them, you won’t be considered stylish. Throw on a pair of comfortable ankle boots with that mini dress, you’ll look much cooler.

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