Hair Fleek 

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It’s a sultry street style vibe, the energy of happy and style, a taste of freedom and a tint of sexy and boldness, the joy of long hair and how fun they are when she play with them in front of the camera, waving them back and forth for the camera to catch them in motions.

Long ropes of hair to sink her fingers into and how they fall around the shoulder, to depict the joy of alone gang, the fleek of the hair. With the hair as the pride of her joy and the clothes mixed to reflect the emotions of her body, colors of her happiness in different fabrics to accentuate the features of her body, possessed with the joy of the hair and its sexuality too.

The pose for the camera to capture her and her hair and the different expression of the face and the beautiful twist of the body. It’s just about the joy of a long hair, happy body and fun of posing for the camera.

Photography by Jojo Spitta

Model – Bidemi

Styled by Mouyor Buttons