Happiness, Joy and Possibilities 

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We are created to have fun, to be happy and to love and do what our tamed mentality tag as impossible, well really there’s nothing like impossible what you can’t do someone else is doing that already, as long as you can think it you can bring it to life if you really wish to, so really what do you wish for, what’s your fantasy, dream and your crazy, as it is known when it’s not everyday it’s crazy so how much fun can you be crazy.

Fun things are happy things, things that we do selflessly that just spice us up and gives us that beautiful radiant look that makes us glow from within, like from the lyrics of a happy club banger that we can dance to for eternity, that careless spirit fun breeds in us losing consciousness of what is supposed to matter but the instant idea of what comes to our mind that translates what joy and happiness means at that moment, the freedom of the soul like you’re the only person in the world, think of how much fun it will be if you’re really the only person in the world, the quest will definitely be to eliminate boredom so how much fun can you create then.

Just like stocking up fart that later clog the brain to breed shitty ideas so is living the life of boredom, the loneliness and the sad feel, the devil’s workshop that only make us to do things from the realm of dull sad colors. When it’s fun the colors are electric full of great energy that can spring you to life and takes you to a beautiful height where you see the world from a different angle, from an angle that reveals the beauty of the world and it’s many untapped joy showing you just how to tap into that beautiful energy that will drive you to the dream land of existence, the living reality of fantasies where all that matters is the picture in your head, the party and dance moves that’s in your head.

Beautiful clothes gives us fun too, how glorious our body fit into trends that rules, the creativity of our imagination with how much we can achieve with fabrics and how we can manipulate them to fit our curves and molds, the exaltation of our beautiful bodies that walks elegantly in the creativity of style, our style that makes us attractive and put the bright joyous smile on our face, the acknowledgement of how much fun the body can make us have, instruments of fun, just thinking of it will make you have that much fun you’ve thought of.

The key is freedom, let lose, lose yourself to yourself not to the idea of others, let your sense rule and the desire of more fun shape your civilization and in turn you create fun for the world and generations yet unborn, so how much crazy can you make, how happy and joyful can your fun be?