Happy Birthday Maitee Jasmin of JAZZY’S Photography

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Maitee JasminAll hail the alternative people doing the Way the society never saw coming, shaming away from the idea of how we should live the old rules that broke our mentality all in the name of not wanting us to discover the truth, but things changed and people are knowing freedom knowing that falling in love is the sweetest thing that can happen to humanity and when you fall in love and your lover love what you do and you do that together you guys become besties and life have another meaning and that’s the tale of real love, JAZZY’S Photography.

Birthdays usually are emotional, it’s the moment you get to evaluate yourself by yourself, it’s when you naturally tell yourself the real truth and as she celebrate today, many well wishes and photos, she was in sweet red hood and like a birthday girl she look, blushing at the camera her other love, really people behind the lens are very interesting in front of the camera, you get their best version, maybe not often.

So many more years we wish her, and many more images we wish her to create, so from the husband and all of us at Qlue Magazine we wish her a happy celebration.

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