Happy Birthday Mrs Cole

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The day we were born to these place earth we can’t remember the activities of that day, only the date we remember and celebrate, only the earth and the things around us we felt, the faces around we can’t even remember and the activities that happened, but as we grow we began to recognize and feel even better, beautiful things we begin to experience, things that will shape our lives.

Birthdays are made from heaven, it’s a day we experience happiness differently, a day we feel loved and appreciated, our own special day to appreciate the first time we came to these place earth, to appreciate how pretty we have survived and impact.

Cheers to myself for surviving another year! May I have many more wonderful, crazy years ahead of me! Happy Birthday, Me!

It’s a day of fun, to be young and wild and free, a day to be happy, to look back at those crazy moments and laugh hard and to plan and wish for more crazy moments ahead, it’s a day to experience happiness.

So as Mrs Cole celebrate today we wish her love and happiness, joy and beautiful memories, crazy wonderful moments that she will relish till the end of time, so do the crazy things twice and have lots of fun.

Happy Birthday Shadey Aboyade Cole