Happy Birthday to a Fashion Girl, Happy Birthday to TheLadyVhodka

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Fashion Girl


TheLadyVhodka is a fashion goddess no doubt and it’s her birthday today, even as we wish her a happy, beautiful and stylish birthday we can’t help but remember every fashion lesson she has taught us over the years, her charm with clothes and how attractive she always look, her vibe is contagious as you’ll enjoy double tapping on your screen staring at her photo on the gram.

One of the most cherished moments in life is on your birthday, everybody will show you love on that day, family, friends and fans, everybody will get to talk about how lovely you’ve been to them and how grateful they are to have you in their life and for a fashion girl, you can’t help but recall every-time she has made us wish for her, her vibe and especially her wardrobe, she’s got her own charm and you’ll love her for it.


Her sense of style on every outfit is different and interesting, even her pose for the camera, the look in her eyes tells her fashion story, bold and confident and in the mood for the outfit, you’ll always love her red lipstick and how she pose, like a girl made for the magazine, trendy and pretty, defining the idea of a fashion personality of this generation, her choice of fabrics and designs will make you appreciate her sense of styling.


TheLadyVhodka in Rekana

So, to more stylish years ahead, to more greatness and every fun thing you do, make us wish more. Happy birthday fashion girl.Jennifer Oseh