Happy Birthday to a Friend, Makeup Artist and a Chef

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Chef Lynad Life has got its own vibe and the people in our lives shape them the way we live them and how we make friends sometimes you can’t tell how it all began but somehow you’re in friendship and the laughs and the crazy moment we share you don’t want it to end because every moment with who you call friend is worth lasting forever in.

As a makeup artist she started, making people look beautiful and attractive and soon she became the talk of campus and everybody will want to go to her make studio, to prep themselves for events and dates and Lynad Makeup Studio became the new hangout spot, all the beautiful girls on campus hangout there, we all loved it there, good time she’ll always make us have especially when it’s a special occasion, that’s our mini club. One thing though, when we started university, just like in real life, not everybody expect much from you, especially when you’re popular in school and mostly it’s perceived that the popular ones are the dull ones because in our school the popular ones don’t graduate, they live forever in school but most popular people in school are the creative ones, her purple studio was lovely.

She’s hilarious, as she’ll make you laugh, she can also laugh for years non-stop, ever alive and welcoming and even though we’ve not seen in a long time, whenever we see it’s always like it was last night we last saw. Her sense of entrepreneurship you’ll admire because she’s never at the bottom, every time she’s a new person with new passion and new gist, she’ll always catch your attention with her sense of style and her passion.Lynad Dishes

One thing about her is her confidence to face anything and anybody, she’s got that size that’ll make you stare and she’ll always make your stare worth it because she knows she’s beautiful and she look it every time, many people wish for her size even though the trending size is zero, she’s got that confidence and after school she became a chef.Lynad Dishes

When we were in school, her kitchen is our favorite place to be especially on a weekend, we’ll always ask for more, at her place its always like home, we’ll hangout together, watch movies, laugh and eat and party even and when it’s April 16 her birthday it’s a different kind of celebration.Nigeria Makeup Artist

So today to my Chef and Makeup artist, to my friend first before any title, Chinasa like I’ll always like to call her, I wish you a happy birthday, and a more beautiful life and awesome passion, so today celebrate because the world is happy to have you here and do all the fun things twice.

Happy Birthday Lynad

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