Happy Birthday Ye!

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Kanye West

Though people might have a different opinion about his personality and especially his dress sense and his kind of comment, especially after the statement of slavery being a choice so many people hate him more and many lashed out on him, misunderstanding the statement but amidst all of this we are still a fan and a lover of Kanye and we feel the world is blessed to have him in this generation because this guy make incredible music with beautiful lyrics, wonderful videos and his clothing line is one every wardrobe needs, Kanye is a GOAT and we love him.

So he’s plus one today and the world is celebrating this legend that is redefining our current generation, inspiring us and creating sounds and music and knowledge that will be talked about in the future that’s yet to come, we wish me a happy birthday and many more years of greatness ahead. Ye for President!Kanye West

Happy Birthday babe!!!!! It’s been a wild year but we’re here & life is good! So proud of you dropping back to back albums & fulfilling your dreams. You inspire me to make the impossible always become a reality. Love you – Kim KardashianKanye West

Happy birthday to my son Kanye!! Thank you for being a constant inspiration, for being the most wonderful father, friend, husband and son. I am so blessed to have you in my life. – Kris Jenner