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1. There’s a style of hat for every person, occasion, and personal preference: Tiny fascinators. Classic flat brims to rep your favourite sports teams. High fashion Daft Punk esque visors. A big ole sun hat. Jaunty fedora or pork pie offerings. Hell, even bucket hats are having a revival at the minute. Hats are happening in just about every style you can imagine. The fashion world is ready, if you are.

2. The sun’s rays are more damaging than ever: Look like a glamourous ‘50s starlet now so that you never have to look like an aging 50s former starlet. Hats provide incredible sun protection for your face and decolletage, the most burn prone areas of your body. Combined with a good sunscreen, you’ll feel basically unburnable.

3. Being a “hat person” is about attitude, not facial structure: Not all hats are created equal. You might have to shop around until you find the hat that’s right for you, but eventually you will. It’s out there, somewhere. Like a four leafed clover [-printed vintage hat you’re going to stumble upon one day and cherish forever].

4. They make hats that accommodate a top knot now. Problem solved.

5. Bad hair days are over, if you want it: Forget dry shampoo, a glamorous or quirky hat covers up last night’s hairspray and bobby pins mess with an effortless “I have it together and DEFINITELY know where my keys are” vibe.

6. The most baller excuse in the world is “Sorry, I couldn’t see you from under my giant hat”: What if you have to enter a fancy church or attend a wedding? What if you need to whip it off in slow motion to seduce someone via hair flip?

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