Have Sex with Me

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Nora. Photographed by Mouyor Buttons

Have sex with me, I wish and want your body. You’re attractive and my butterflies can’t control themselves whenever you’re around, they’re more colorful instead because your energy sets free.

I lust after your body and I’m not shy to say that. It’s more than the body to me, more than the curves, lips and breast. Your vibe, wisdom and joy add to this lust, it’s more than the sex because we can’t have the sex forever, we can get tired but the communication and vibe we may never get tired of, our silent stare too, these things make us who we are.

Sex with you I crave but you I crave more, when I stare at your breast I see more than the breast and how attractive they look, it’s always beyond that. Breasts are accessories of fashion to make clothes fit perfect; your breast is the beauty of you. Our body is the translation of who we are, the mind is the hidden us, our room hold our secret, our bodies is the outer part of us that people see to relate with, our office.

Many people of course want to have sex with you, you obviously want to have sex with lots of people too but the universe make us pay for every of our decisions. We can do all things; we’re responsible for everything we do and we’re capable to bear the consequences of our actions. Sex comes with responsibilities, emotions and feelings rule everything. My feelings want your body, your nipples I dream of how they stare at me and how they blush when I look back, our sex will be interesting.

I’ll be the human you want me to be, your body matters, your sense and who you are. We don’t always have the opportunity to make love to a goddess,  an angel as human but if you find one make sure the sex is beautiful and that’s exactly what I have in mind. I want the sex that will translate us out of this place to inside of you, where I can unleash the joy inside me into you and together we can win the moment to be like stars in the sky that glows to make the night beautiful.

Let’s fuck like stars.