Healing the Roots of Our Insecurities

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Trap Witch“Until you cross the bridge of your own insecurities, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities.” -Tim Fargo

LIVING BRIDGES • We begin to build bridges for ourselves, by healing the roots of our insecurities and allowing our roots to become so strong, that they bridge the gap for us to cross life’s troubled waters, which often are our own emotions – Trap Witch

This past weekend, I found a term that finally feels at home with what my purpose is as far as healing. “Intercessory”. Have you ever seen movies or been somewhere in the wild where there seems to be a scary bridge, that closes the gap in nature? To “intercede” means to stand in the gap for someone else. I realize that right now a lot of people are looking to connect and find their way, especially with indigenous and ancestral practices. I promise you this. You don’t need to know the names of your people, nor where they came from, you just need to be set on finding yourself. You are your ancestors. I myself as a healer, chose an indigenous practice on one side of my life, but it’s purpose is to serve as a tool.
We are the divine channel that possesses our healing power. The answers are all within us. Understand that many elders, healers, and spiritual leaders are intercessory in closing the gap. They are the ones who help you with “procurement”. What is that? “The action or occupation of acquiring military equipments or supplies. Sometimes the equipment or supplies you need to maneuver through this existence, are the tools already within you, waiting to be unlocked through self realization. As a healer in my work, I stand in the gap.
In my sessions I allow my clients to build up the faith, that they have, the power and tools to close the gap they are feeling in their own nature. That it’s not that they don’t have the power, they just have more fear and doubt in their spirit than they do in the physical reality of things. You have everything to build your bridge. When I watched the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love” back in 2010, I felt like I needed one of those moments. I searched for that, much like, Elizabeth Gilbert. In the movie, the elder Ketut says,
“No looking through the world through your head, look through your heart instead, that way you will know God.”
Many of us hold fear and pain in our heart and are constantly waiting for something. Many of us, for others to be our bridge, but they are just there to stand in the gap so you can feel confident enough to produce your own. “Attraversiamo”, the Italian for “Let’s Cross over”. It’s not that you can’t get across, you just don’t have faith.
Someone like me, or a healer you trust, places themselves in that breach, to bring you comfort, and encouragement as you are waiting for things to come to you, which are the recognition of your own tools. Be patient with yourself. Breakdowns are necessary. Many of my clients breakdown through their sessions and I’m here for that. With breakdowns come breakthroughs and with intervention, comes successful intercession. We can help you prayer for yourself, but you are the answer to the prayer. I’m here to pray for your own ministry. Ministry is your own work or vocation through your own tools and relationship with divinity.
If that’s something you feel you need help with. Then please seek my services though www.thetrapwitch.com