Heineken Lagos Fashion Week Experience 2019

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Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2019

Though the weekend is over, the thrill we’re still enjoying and the success of it. Not only attendees enjoyed the show, Omoyemi Akerele and her husband jigging it down at the VIP section after the show proved they enjoyed the show too, even though it must have been hectic organizing it. It was a beautiful show and all the designers were amazing! If I was not proud to be a Nigerian before now, I would have become proud to be a Nigerian, these guys blew my mind away.

The designers at the pop up store created pieces that will make you proud of our fashion industry, brands we did not know we have. That’s the beauty of LFW, the theme this year is Beyond Creativity, the business of fashion and the moral of fashion is the lesson, fashion is beyond clothes.

On the runway designers blew our mind away, they made us applause with excitement. Mai Atafo’s collection did it for me, I was expecting his signature but he surprised us. Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Ugo Monye, Emmy Kasbit’s collection is top on my list to style with and to own, House of Kaya right now got me listening to Sudanese songs, it’s the combination of everything, thrills of the clothes, the styling, his collection is decent and sexy with northern fashion influence. Every culture have their fashion, it’s beautiful if you appreciate it.

Lagos Fashion Week

Ugo Monye’s Collection

I like to call Ugo Monye’s collection Egyptian and Military, revamping traditional wear with a military vibe. Lagos Space Programme’s collection I’ll die for, especially the cotton woven cardigan. This Is Us pieces I love too, these designers showed us we could wear our own and be stylish. Creativity is embedded in us, these designers channeled their creativity into fashion, defining the industry. They are doing their part; the other part is left for the society to buy. The complain used to be Nigeria designers can’t design, LFW proved that myth wrong, Nigeria designers are mad (in a good way), the only way to celebrate them and encourage of course is to patronize them and let’s define our fashion together.

Reading about designers creativity is always interesting and thrilling, you’ll surely wonder what the designer was thinking when creating some pieces you can’t stop wanting, Maxivive. His collection is so cool and creative, he is a wizard, how he attracts you to his show is interesting. At the pop up store at Ikoyi, he gave out a brown envelope, it was an invitation to watch his show the next day and not an invitation if you did not buy the ticket to watch the show, there was #20 in every envelop. I still wonder what that was for, but it’s attractive and not what you’ll expect, the gesture is art and whatever reaction you gave is spontaneous, not what you’ve planned which makes you feel dazed and wow at the same time. Every of his piece speak for themselves, you’ll understand who the person wearing the clothe is. Like the piece Abiola Sonaike wore, I called it military nun, TG Omori’s piece and his attitude killed it, the gracious way he walked on the runway, the crowd could not hold back their excitement and his smoke made the crowd more proud.

Maxivive at Lagos Fashion Week 2019

Abiola Sonaike wearing Maxivive

Maxivive’s collection preach freedom and equality, you can wear anything you choose to wear, don’t think for the society how they will perceive you, be you and wear whatever you want to wear. Kelechi Amadi’s excitement every time he’s shooting make me always anticipate what the final work will look like, he’s always happy and excited, among the numerous photos that’ll flood the internet, Kelechi’s you’ll still want to see. Image Faculty made watching it from any screen interesting.

The projection is, in some many few years to come our population will be of active people, guess the “you’re the leaders of tomorrow” statement is finally in view. What we do now will spark the country of our dreams, there is a Nigerian Dream, it’s beautiful and green. Your version of that dream will contribute to this country positively or negatively, the question is, will you want the next generation to bless us or cause and lay blames on us like we do the generation that gave birth to us.

Nigeria Street Style

We’re growing our fashion community, we have high hopes to correct and get right the challenges of other fashion industries, especially the issue of size. Our hope is to see our popular kind of body/size on the runway, in this society the popular size is not 0 or 2. Since these designers produce for this society, it will be normal to show our popular body on the runway, it will shape and define our industry and instead of criticizing us they’ll appreciate us instead, for solving and designing for the popular bodies. Models treatment too, though they look happy and professional on the runway, some of them went through humiliation before they could walk.

The show ended well and fun, I’m sure will be more fun for people that made it to the after party, me and friend got home very late and stoned the night away.

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