Her Lust for Music

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African Music Art

You remember that popular advice “find what you love and let it kill you”, it fucking kills for real, especially when you love the thrills it gives, the joy and that side of being human that you’re enjoying every time, our love usually grows out of lust and lust is even more interesting and wild, the wild thrills, everybody want that thrill, the sensation and the satisfaction we get makes us want to explore more of it every time, we want to listen to more at the highest volume, we love to hear the music loud, especially when we can’t feel our face and we want to feel something, music always comes to rescue and loud most times and soon it became like a therapy.

Whenever she’s down, she wants her music and sometimes sex and sometimes both, but reality is not like we always want, we want to do things without it having repercussions, no wages of sin, guess since there’s sin, the wages will always be there and just like the reality of her times, the people of this time are already considering hell as a second option because right now we are all about the fun, the thrills and how right it feels, because hell might just be an idea according to some findings, so if it feels right then we are good to go and most things that seems right and fun are usually crazy and wild, which made many parent of this generation wonder why will you want to listen to music at the top volume with your ear piece blocking your ear.

goddess art

Like how un-relaxing it can be waiting for somebody, the frustration, the feel when they have to scream at the top of their voice to get your attention when the ear is blocked can be really annoying too, so they hate, their superstition wouldn’t work on this one, the technology came when we’re all civilized and it ruin us, it birth a new world, the new world that believe in possibilities, that believes in, it can happen, everything is possible, that’s her generation, we love music.



Erotic Art

Everyday new music, you can’t hear it all but you’ll definitely have your favorite and for a fashion girl, she love to explore with new artiste, she shop for words in music, even feelings and new boundaries of self to break, music set her free and transport her to another level, sometimes she move at a point when she sometimes sit in-front of the speaker to listen to songs, sometimes at night with just her pant and no bra, her nipples staring at the speakers as they make loud noise but neighbors will always complain so she preferred the earpiece, the beautiful doom, she became addicted to it, she love it, she shop for the best ear piece, her hair she love to make you notice, her lips too, she’s a red lipstick addict, you’ll love it on her, especially when she sing along to the song she’s listening to, she just love where the music takes her to, the feelings that she gets from it.