Honest and True and Naked

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Naked postcard Naked in my thoughts, am naked alone

In the dawn of the day I wake naked

To the bright of the day

And the innocent of the day smiled at me

Bright and warm, I walk around naked

The gentle motion to the smoke leads the way

The rhythm of earth plays aloud

All it wanted from me is to pick a sound

Distractions everywhere

Distractions I enjoy and it’s killing me

Beautiful deadly distraction

Time after time I listen

But my heart is full of thoughts and

My eyes are staring at the other side

All I want is her innocence

Pure and plain

It dawn on me, if I need pure and plain

I’ll need to be naked and all ears

Undistracted, giving her full attention because she deserves it

She gave it first when she nurse the idea of me

Of the good we can make from the time we share

The naked times, the talking and the sharing of ideas time

Now that I know what I want

Now that I want what she can give

I just want to be naked with her

Honest and true and naked Sexy postcard