How Did We Get Here?

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Red Boot I When did it all began, when did we decide to be like this, this way that we live and see things, when did we start treating life this way, how we live and how we treat people and our way of life, what we depict as meaning to things happening around us, when did we decide to be concerned or maybe less concerned and treat humanity like it doesn’t matter and life doesn’t matter, like the women are objects and the men are tools, and war is the solution and happiness is in getting lost, drunk and passed out, escaping reality and solving the problem just on the surface, too scared to look deep because we really don’t want to find anything, we just want it all to look like we’re searching and wanting to find something, happiness maybe fulfillment and we pretend through life, even when it looks like we’re living it, when in the real sense we are just surviving.

Beautiful Nude

Surviving is all we do, trusting on our intuition of what’s right because we always do know, our guts do tell us so and deep down the us inside really know what we want to be, the stupid and the wicked one that’s just too lazy and depress to be better even when you know this is not helping you, the anger and hurt you cause to people, but for the relevance and the been talked about, you do it for the fame, the cheap fame and for the greed of becoming more rich and popular, you bring people down, make them hate themselves and how they love to enjoy sex, how they love to dress and how they can impact into making the world a better place and you wonder when did people decide that hurting other people is the good thing, stealing the money that belongs to the society to better it and make the society and their environment conducive with the right social amenities and you wonder when people decide it’s ok for them to be rich and steal the people’s money while the people remain poor and die, poor in mind and thinking, poor in believing in themselves because their sense and truth has been stolen away from them by the words they make them want to listen to, the words they listen to, the people they believed in, that distract them from the beautiful sex they could get on those beautiful horny night with the person they just want to hold and feel, the sense of, this is not right to wear because you’re not famous and people will laugh at you, compelling you to make yourself lovable and soon you lose your goal, your original touch of the person you want to be because you’re living to be loved by people that just want to get drunk and watch the news and talk about the girls on the street and football match and gossip about everything and really don’t even care about you but about what they can gossip about you, what shit they can talk about to affect you in the way they don’t even care, those people they want you to make them love you because people see them more and respect their talk because they talk shit and people fear them, so you live your life with that fear and the thought of what will they like me do.

Black Lives Matter

You wonder what happened to you living your life, to the people not really giving a fuck but live their life too and then you remember the mind, you remember the many voices in our head and the ones we give in to, the ones that appear simple to achieve, stress-less at the moment but maybe stupid but it solve the problem of the moment, getting relieved and satisfying the urge of sex and even if she’s not interested but you force her because you’re more powerful and you want it and your thought and mind tell you shit like it doesn’t matter and you make her life miserable after that action, shitty thought, that change everything, the shitty thought that has destroy us to this point that we just want change, we just want to live like we want to, to dress like we want and make the kind of music we want, write about what we want without the fear of the cooperation and their rules.

Right now it’s all going to change from this point I’m sure, everything is changing already, yesterday was a prove, it’s a new world of you living your life and making humanity better.