How I Love to Bath Tonight

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BathWork is cool, work is life, sometimes not that work is stressful but getting to work or after work, the road can be crazy in this town, and anything can happen at any-time, you never can tell but it’s a good day today, with the light shower from early hours of this morning and this not too harsh sun, the air condition in the office is just deceiving, not knowing the real weather outside but tonight I just want to feel love in the tub.

There’s always something about romance in the water, the kiss and the wet body contact, the eyes and the stroking and the moaning, the gist and scrubbing, it’s always romantic, though not minding that too tonight but it’s a self-pamper tonight, soft music and candles, dark and wet, herbs and good topic to brainstorm with in the water.

We just need to take-care of us, that’s how we get to reset to function better because in this world the best thing you can be is yourself and if you don’t take care of yourself you might fall out of tune, and as time pass you might lose yourself.

·         Set the mood by softening the lights and playing soft music of your choice.

·         Surround yourself with things of beauty that may help you relax such as fresh flowers, energizing crystals, incense, and soft candles.

·         While your bath fills with warm water, exfoliate by dry brushing to detoxify while stimulating your blood flow.

·         Slowly slip into the bath allowing your body to adjust to the temperature. Try to soak for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

·         Exiting the bath, take a moment to ground yourself. Feel both feet rooted firmly on the ground. Take a few deep breaths and splash cool water on your face. Rehydrate with a glass of water.

·         Nourish your skin with a body oil while it’s still wet. Slather it on and take time to connect with your body and nurture your skin. Pay extra attention to the places that need it most.