How Much Do We Care

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Earth Somethings we get too dramatic about, like the idea of what we love and how we express it, well many are of the school of thought that you should flaunt what you claim you love, PDA, some people are bad with expression, the world and the society should know that, but they love what they love and they know what they love, and some just keep it in their heart until it’s time for them to show their loyalty and you’ll be surprised how much they know and how much they care about this place, Earth and Africa and their lover.

So how much of Africa do you love? how much of the earth do you love? how well do you love your lover. Though many just live here and do whatever, maybe as the day dictate or as their mood, many don’t take care of their environment much, guess that’s why the global warming is not reducing, many don’t even know that their actions and how they live deplete the ozone layer, all they know is the weather is changing, the days are hot, even the night sometimes and they don’t know, what you don’t know you can’t correct.Water

Some areas you’ll visit and you’ll scream wtf in your head, so irritating to walk through, and people around there are living comfortably in that environment, and some place you’ll visit, it’s like a wallpaper, you’ll joyful take pictures. We care differently, you’ll notice the different class of people in the society, what matter to us is different, for some it’s let’s just survive anyhow we can and for some they survive with class because they know what they want and how they want it.

Our environment is a reflection of our mentality and how much we care. It cost almost nothing to care, same energy it will cost you not to care, it’s all in your mind, trashing at the right place, don’t just litter the place because it’s not your duty to clean the place, we don’t care about this place until we care, and when we don’t care we really don’t care and it’s not fair because we are raining on the earth’s parade.