How My Society See Fat Girls

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ToolzOEven as the abuse and the disrespect of fat people is on the rise, I still wonder why people shame fat people, still trying to find the reason why, to understand why because it make no sense really because, one, it’s their body which is non of your business and two, they are human being too and why will you want to hate another human being, though usually they hide under the curtain of they care which most times they’re just showing  you they’re better than you and make you feel inferior to them, they often shame you because they want you to see that they’re powerful more than you, so they comment all in the name of care when the real reason why they do this is because they want to own you and put you under.Maybe it’s because I’m from Nigeria, I wonder sometimes because here, right from when I was growing up even till now, to be fat is a good thing, being fat is an idea of being rich and living good because for you to be that size means you’re eating well and you’re healthy, so another way to show off aside from your fashion is how fat you are, your size is your pride and skinny people are relegated because they feel they don’t have the strength to do almost anything and that they are kind of poor because they can’t afford to eat good food. The men crave fat women and disregard skinny women, they usually don’t see them attractive even, and they even feel they don’t have fit in clothes and for the men, it’s like they don’t have money to take care of their girlfriend or wife, so they either go for the fat ones or make the skinny ones go fat.Fat GirlsIt’s even beyond that in my country, even the kids boast of how fat their mom is, bragging rights like my mom is fatter than your mom because literarily it means they’re doing good, it’s a thing of joy to be fat, that’s the understanding I grew up with, with being fat and the beauty and pride of being fat. But as I grow up and my interest in fashion grew, a different understanding I begin to have about being fat, the shaming of people and the lack of representation in the fashion industry, fat people size you don’t see on the rack or from a popular designer and you wonder why, is it a way to tell history that this set of people don’t exist during this time or the designers don’t see the beauty in that size.Bullying and disrespect is not peculiar to a race or country or a set of people, bullies are everywhere and they share the same hateful, shallow mentality, this people can be picked on anybody. Even in my society that fat women are cherished, people still shame fat people, can remember a situation I witnessed at the bus-stop some years ago, a bike man charged a fat woman double the price of the fare and the woman was furious and asked why and the bike man reply “if I carry you, na two people I carry so” meaning she’s two people in one, they both laugh it out as she replied “na craze dey worry you” meaning you’re mad. A different experience is with another fat woman I know, she’ll always pay double the price of her fare every time because of her size or she won’t be able to reach her destination, but didn’t see it as something that will now be a global issue because in this country, everything that happen is right and being shamed for fat is not common and even if it is, it’s nobody’s business because we have a lot of things to be worried about and the last thing we’ll worry about is being fat or being shamed for it.Biodun OkeowoThe fashion industry in my country put into consideration the fat people because they are the bulk of the market, not the size zeros or two, even men with big belly are the major people you’ll consider when you’re designing, they are the majority. Before now the fashion industry in this country, it’s the opposite of what’s happening in the western world that’s happening here, it’s the people with the lower size that don’t see their size, the tailors will even sew your cloth sometimes bigger than your original size and when you get furious and ask why they will give excuse of when you grow fat the cloth will fit perfect, they see it as it’s your right to be fat.Fat Girl Lingerie Unlike in the western world, our kind of fashion is different, the tailors are the designers, they are the ones that’ll come up with the designs and if probably you see a particular style you like on somebody, you’ll either come to the tailor with a picture to show or you describe what you want and if you trust the tailor enough, you can trust them with your fabrics to come up with whatever design they see fit because most times everybody have their tailor so your tailor understand what fits you but they disappoint too, most times when you don’t need them to, it’s a tradition, it’s their culture to disappoint you, though not all but it’s a common thing and we are used to that kind of life and we just deal with it when it does happens, but the advantage of them is, everybody get to wear what they want, once you can afford the fabrics and the sense of style of my country is quite interesting because it’s simple and the fitting is what brings out the beauty of the sewing. The style of the wrapper and the top buba is the common kind of style among the women because you wrap yourself with the wrapper which fit your body to accentuate your curves and the beauty of your body in an enticing way, the beauty and curves they see on the fat women is the curves they don’t see on the skinny ones, and that’s why they don’t see them attractive.ChigulOur understanding of sexiness is different, sexiness is the curves, the beautiful arms, the ass, the fat and the boobs too and really it’s not being disrespectful when men talk about their body, it’s more like them appreciating their size and the beauty it holds. But time changes yesterday and the western world influence on us began to grow on us and the idea of the body size began to change gradually and people want to be skinny, even the fat ones wish to be skinny, though some skinny people want to be fat too, but still it’s still not a major issue, it’s your body and whatever size you want to be you can be, you’ll definitely have many people that will be interested in you, and the funny part of the health part is, the level of recession from time make many people not to be able to afford buying a car and in Lagos the stress of hold-up make many people even abandon their cars and prefer to go with public transport which is a different stress on its own, boarding the bus, crossing road and the long walk to either get another bus or to walk past the hold-up serve as a means of exercise sometimes, which help them to keep fit and healthy.