HowTo Date A Guy In September

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It’s the beginning of a new month, a new day. It can be the first day of the rest of our life and sure you want to spend it well with that guy you’ve been crushing on, you do want to spend it happy with smiles, laughter and joy. So catch a guy today and make him fall for you.

#1. Introduce yourself. Make a solid first impression, projecting warmth and approachability. Use it as a springboard for further conversation.

#2. Make eye contact. Most of us are accustomed to looking someone in the eye for a few seconds at a time before bouncing our focus to another subject and then coming back to the person. Don’t look away. Keep a steady focus on his eyes. This signals interest and a deeper emotional connection.

#3. Smile. It doesn’t have to be wide and toothy, but let him know that you are comfortable in his presence. Smile whenever you see him, but withhold it for a second. If you smile too quickly, he’ll consider that your automatic response. Waiting until he is fully engaged and in your presence gives him the impression that your smile is meant just for him.

#4. Maintain strong posture. He will pick up on the messages your body sends, so make sure that it remains open and confident.

#5. Express enthusiasm in him and his interests. When he brings up something about himself, ask him more about it. Most people are more than happy to talk about themselves at length if you give them the space. It’s okay to talk about yourself as long as you don’t monopolize the dialogue. Think beforehand what you might say so that you always have material to carry the conversation.

#6. Flirt. Touch his arm, laugh frequently, work a compliment or two into the conversation. You don’t have to overdo it, but if you send positive signals he will notice. It’s okay to gradually escalate if he responds well. Let him know that you are receptive to his indicators of interest, if he is sending them.

#7. Give him a hug. When you first see him and when you say goodbye you should be wrapping your arms around his frame. He won’t mind.

#8. Make a plan to see him again. Once you’ve developed the initial rapport, find an opportunity to run into him again. It’s alright if you have to create that opportunity. If you’ve only seen him with a group, ask to see him again in an explicitly one on one setting. Instead of saying “We should hang out sometime,” ask him if he would like to get lunch with you. Suggest a time and place. Being specific will better your chances of making sure the date will actually happen. Even if you’re busy, don’t end the conversation without setting a firm time and place for the next date.

#9. Recruit a friend. Sometimes, a third party can feel another person’s feelings out on your behalf, especially in the very beginning. If you have a mutual acquaintance, let them in on your interest in the person and see if they can help you win them over.

#10. Show that you are open to new experiences. He’ll want to know that you are game for whatever he may decide that he wants to do with you, whether that’s going on a hike or catching a ballgame.

#11. Keep things lighthearted and playful.

#12. Do your homework. Before you see him again, research current events so you’ll have material to inject into any conversation. This will prevent awkward lapses and keep him engaged.

#13. Have him help you. People tend to like those whom they’ve given help to. Make sure it’s reasonable and doesn’t burden him too much. A perfect example would be to tell him you need someone to move heavy furniture. It lets him show off his physical strength while putting him in the setting of your choice.

#14. Ask him if he’s ready for a relationship. After you’ve been on a date or two and scheduled another time to meet up, now’s the time to identify the nature of the relationship. Make sure he knows where your expectations lie. Men react to commitment in all kinds of ways. Try not to apply pressure, but be firm in your intentions and honest about where you would like the relationship to go.

#15. Let him make the first move. If you want him to kiss you, break eye contact by looking occasionally at his lips.
If, for some reason, he still hasn’t made a move, ask outright “So are you going to kiss me?” If he’s not the type to make the first move, he’ll most likely be relieved that you broke the ice and excited for the invitation you provided to kick things up a notch.

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