We Are Enough

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Peace and Love Just thinking, I think the idea of believing in a supernatural body is a reason for humanity to be lazy, another excuse for us to under use ourselves, putting our strength and hope in another body that we’ve been thought to believe is greater than who we are, than the natural flesh that we wear.

The realization and reality of living can be overwhelming and scary, the fear of how much we can actually do, the power and strength and ideas embedded in our human DNA, even the Bible already said it, we can do all things, because we can, but the society has train and teach us otherwise, they’ve made us to believe we can do little but with the help of a supernatural being we can do all things, they give us prove why we should use our brain less, the present agony of humanity existing right now.

Creativity of Human RaceReligion they’ve used right from the ages past to rob humanity of their greatness and the power of creating and being, to handicap people to depend on a supernatural being and their leader, making them submissive even when they don’t have to be, the advance slavery of humanity and how they carved the minds of the society.

Really who are we? Just humans that live everyday in the flesh that goes around to carry out their daily activities? Why are we here in this place called earth, is it because some set of people have sex and 9 months later we are here? What do we live for in this place, just to wake up and sleep later at night? What is the quest? Why are we born? Life, why was it given to us?Humanity

Some may say we don’t deserve the life we live, the pain and the struggles and the lies and the taking advantage of, we are all born equal they’ll always say but we take life seriously differently, we have fun and interpret life on our own terms, fighting against reality, only the violent ones take it by force, the earth has been designed that force have to be apply before a free flow of movement can begin, guess that’s the only way you’ll get to appreciate the pride of creating, the joy of your ability and what you can actually do.

The thrills can overwhelming and reality can even look like a dream, and we wonder and marvel at what we can actually do, the reality we can actually create, the reality that will set us free from the lies and bondage of the people we’ve trust to help us, to make humanity a beautiful experience but the real reality is we are enough.