I love Nigeria, God bless Nigeria

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I’ll boldly say for the first time, whole heartedly I feel so proud to be a Nigerian, not that before now I’m not proud of this

place but it’s a different joy being a Nigerian today. I have a different understanding of being patriotic and I boldly say again that I am proud to be a Nigerian. I lust after clothes and fashionable pieces, so when the jersey came out through Wizkid we all love it because one, it’s attractive, tribal designs with sporty vibes and bright green and white colors, can say I’ve never been a fan of football but through influence I’m a lazy reluctant Arsenal fan, I don’t do jersey too except baseball and cricket jersey but I’ve got an Arsenal jersey (a one time thing) and when Wizkid introduced the jersey to us, it was a sold out, never heard a Nigerian jersey sold out before, only some sect of people buy Nigeria jersey even, but this one even white guys queued for it and it’s a sold out. Wizkid

We usually don’t know what we have until we loose it, we careless sometimes and see it like it’s just like every other third world country with bad government and poor economy with increasing rate of poverty and you wonder what’s there to love in this place that bring us nothing but sorrow and sadness and little joy, but what’s there not love in our mother land, the place of our heritage, the country that hold our history as human, our story will never be complete without the paragraph of being a Nigerian.Nigeria Jersey

Our quest is to better earth, to make it interesting and fun to live in, our earth is Nigeria and we need to make it a better place, this sold out jersey amongst other things is a prove that this place can be better only if we try, only if we share the same kind of dream, the dream of making this country, our motherland a place of love and beautiful living and even if we fail, we’ll try again and again and again until it will become the place of our dreams and gradually we are getting there, we’re not too young to run anymore, now they’ve given us the opportunity to run so let’s run like we’ve never run before, and even though it was 2-1 with England, the World Cup here we come, with our passion and support and it’s the beginning of a New Nation.

We’ve got the power, power is in numbers and we’ve got the numbers but how proud are we, how patriotic and how much love have we got in our heart. This is Nigeria and the cheapest thing you can do for this country is to love it, to lust after it.

I love Nigeria, God bless Nigeria.World Cup