I Thought I Knew

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Nude god

Mouyor Buttons. Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

It took me many years before I realize I need help, that I can’t do it all by myself because it’s not my name that needs to be glorify but his because he’s the maker of heaven and earth, the creator of life and death, the creator of me that knows my story and owns my everything, he’s the one telling the story of my life the way he want it to be told, I now realize I know nothing about the story of me and the kind of things he wants to achieve with me, I am his vessel and he’s the potter, the maker of the air I breath to stay alive to show forth his wondrous work.

I thought I knew the story, my story, I thought I know the script so well that I can wake up any time and be the person he wants me to be in his story, I thought I knew, but I was so wrong with every of my assumption, it was never my story in the first place, I didn’t create me, he did, he alone have all the power and grace to mold me into what he wants me to be because he’s the potter and I’m the product of his creativity, I’ve got no power of my own except the powers he gave me, the breathe of life that he breathe into me to make me live in this world that he has created, I thought I knew.

Naked god - Qlue Photos

Mouyor Buttons. Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

Now I know better, your gift of life, the owner of the story of my life, the creator of heaven and earth and everything that’s inside, the creator and writer of the story. Everything I own I give to you, to direct and coach me in the right direction what fit the script you’ve written because you know the end from the beginning, you are God and nothing can be compared to you, only you can be compared to you, only you, take the lead as I follow your path and trust in you and everything you do, true the thought you have for me is the thought of good and not of evil for your name to be glorify.

Knowing God

Mouyor Buttons. Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

I’ll follow your lead because you know way better than me, nothing I know, everything I know is just an iota of the things you know and created, I’ll love to know more because I want to live more, show me more as I follow you everyday of my life, make me discover more.