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Explaining fashion and style can be difficult for people to grasp sometimes even though it’s a straight forward word, it’s about clothes of course, wearing of clothes to look respected, expensive and glamorous, that’s what it is about, but it is more than that, it’s not just about wearing those clothes or shopping in exclusive stores, there is more, the satisfaction of what you’re buying is first, the fit, comfort, the pleasure it gives you and your ego, the excitement to try out new pieces, the compliment you get and if you’re stylish enough, the feel of like a star and not like everyday person, your act of dressing up too, fashion is everything, is everywhere, the vibe you wear your clothes with is the style that differentiate you from the other person wearing same thing or something similar.

Dress for the occasion is always the memo, dress the way you want to be address is another common advice, even though they talk about freedom, freedom we don’t really have, everything is controlled, how we’re supposed to dress even. Fashion they define their way, restricting it creativity using culture and whats applicable in the society to blackmail their way into our consciousness to make us neglect the art clothes on the body.

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Fashion is the reality of your imagination either as the creator of the design, the stylist or the person wearing it; it’s the translation of the art in your head, your imagination, the designers’ love for what they create is what the shopper connects with that drives them to want to own a piece or different pieces from any collection, shopping is the expression of love for the pieces we love. What we imagine defines how we dress, how we layer and mix colors, trends and the wearing vibe, what goes on in our mind controls our reality and how we dress for it, our self esteem and how we live life, often we live life by the rules of the society, the reason many miss out on the fun and dress boring instead, live by your rules and don’t miss out on the fun, your fashion and sense of style will experience the fun of your life too.

The idea of fashion is you, your comfort and creativity, fueling your fashion taste board to help you discover freedom, if you pay attention enough you’ll know what fit and what doesn’t but we’re too busy in life that many careless about how they look. Fashion is freedom; style is how you make your freedom attractive.