Idea of Relationships

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Sex and marriage have different meaning at different times in our lives. Underage sex and relationship can slow down the desire to want to achieve great things, thrills of sex can derail. Othertimes in life sex becomes the prove of maturity and being responsible, as this time it’s about how much you need to dedicate your all to your relationship to enjoy it, the sex especially.

The impatience to experience sex and the fear of it shaped our decisions and lifestyle. Fear of the unknown shape our decisions; what will change and how the change will occur is another fear, we prefer been seduced to change, sudden change dictate the next move when it’s not comfortable.

Living a freelance sex life used to be the deal, fun of no commitment. It’s defined as living and respecting the moment of crave and the crush, maybe a one nightstand to satisfy being horny. Not just the sex, though the sex is interesting and fun but it’s beyond that, emotions exchanged and the time shared is real.

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When you’re new in a relationship you include new activities to your already busy schedules you wish more hours and days for. You can be lucky and have the best buddy or unlucky and get one that’ll rob you of your good happy moments and break you into the shadow of yourself; nagging and dictating what is right and wrong.

Because of the definition of maturity and responsibility, the standard the society has set for us made some desperate rushing to meet the standard, which made them not to care how they meet it. Those waiting patiently, hoping and not in a hurry to cross the bridge the society sees as rebels of relationship goals, they live for happy moments, pleasure they share with people that need and enjoys it.

Morning smile,the inside jokes and food, the friendship you share, constant thought of the other person, new worries and care, understanding and respecting another human that is valuable to you, the fun and the sex is the thrill of being in a relationship, best things in life are free. You’ll love the idea of getting into a relationship when they sell it to you differently from how the society sold it to you. The idea you’ll love to open your heart to explore the communication of two, beautiful emotional exchange of pleasure and sweet moans, whispers of names.