If The Penis Could Talk

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Talking Penis So I thought to myself what if the guys penis could talk, what will it say, especially to a vagina and if it were to wear a cloth what will the dick be wearing, especially when it’s on a date to see the vagina he’ll want to explore and be friend with, maybe for only that night, maybe forever till death do them part but really if our sex could talk what will they say.

Unlike for women that may not see their vagina for a while, the guys see their penis every-day and they notice almost everything about it, you can wake a guy up from sleep and ask him to describe his penis and he’ll do that for you perfectly like he’s staring at it and when they talk about their toy, they’re usually proud of it because it’s their ego, they talk about it with the joy of how many vagina it has conquer, the different part of vagina town it has been to, they love their penis, the morning hard and the lack of manners it possess, it can decide to act on its own accord without permission, and it doesn’t grow old, it’s man best friend and vagina’s too and it can rule their brain, taking over their sense and it can act in the place of their sense and when it does, the only thing it want is satisfaction for the erection, it possess them and they love it at that moment because it’s everything that make sense at that time, they may later regret it though after it’s hold is been satisfy, but they love to talk about it anyway.Penis

They enjoy the erection and the pleasure it crave, the vagina, its with excitement they talk about it in the circle, they love the head, the lips and tongue, the hand-job and the moist wet vagina, usually they wish for no STIs because it’s their greatest fear for their penis because they usually prefer it raw, without the condom, though the penis don’t care, all it care about is to be satisfied and if you can’t control its hold on you, you might skip the condom taking the risk but usually after the pleasure comes the pain, so while they talk with pride about their penis, they still talk about their condoms and the times they took the greatest risk, though some don’t see it as risk, they see it as maximum pleasure and it’s true because the penis without the condom is different from the penis in the condom but men hate it when the penis fall sick and not well, it’s their greatest pain and most times they wish they can undo the damage and make it well again so that they can have back their pride.

DickThe penis can be kind, with soft and charming words if they’ll ever talk, though some can be rude and abusive if they’ll ever talk, but the charming ones you’ll love for as long as they last because they’re everything you’ll appreciate and if they’ll ever talk I can bet they’ll say thank you for every-time they’ve been satisfied and also they’ll talk more about taking care of them.