Ifeoma of True Stories at the Lunch of Zikel’s “The Browfidence”

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Zikel Cosmetics Let’s fall in love with make up as we tell the true story behind how we look beautiful and the thrills of the lunch of Zikel new collection, you can bet it was fun and everybody loved it there, bigbrother house mates and Halima Abubakar were in attendance, it was beautiful.Zikel Cosmetics

“The Browfidence” which is a premium rectangular eye brow pencil and brow brush all in one, the newest collection of Zikel. It is the best eye brow pencil products for shaping eye brows filling, defining and emphasizing for a great brow experience, trust me your brow will never be the same again.

You already know what runs the beauty world right now, it’s a make up world and you’ll fall in love with yourself again, love is all that matters after all. The brand Zikel is making this product to give the customers the best experience when they use their product, the best result they want you to have and that’s why Zikel Cosmetics never stops, especially with this new product, your brow will never be the same again.

Zikel Cosmetics

So Ifeoma of True Stories was the red carpet host at the unveiling and she’s got you, you don’t want to miss a thing with her.