In Love With Today

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It’s a beautiful day to fall in love, to fall in love with everything, with the idea of the day and the concept of life and how much of it we should love and enjoy.

Falling in love is beautiful and fun, it’s that time your senses goes to rest, where nothing matters just the joy and happiness you get and even the one you give, love is beautiful and endless, you can keeping dishing it out even till eternity, awesome moments and laughs, joy and play real feelings of fun and appreciation of who the partner is, accepting their flaws and loving them still without no thought of hurt. No looking before you leap, all cards are open on the table. The kiss and the fragrance fits everyday and make each passing day pretty, holding hands and playful adult on the dining table, the wild and weird, loving is free and perfect and fun making everyday interesting, creating memories that’ll make you smile and happy every time you remember the acts of the day.

Regardless of how the day is usually perceived, characterize by the supposed activity for the day, a new day is always a future that has come, a dream that has come through and can be painted in the sky of our minds, the diary of our memories, where moments write themselves in, the love and joy we feel every passing day, building our anticipation for what the day will look like the following week, hopes of a new week the obsession of a day in a week, cherishing and loving how the day goes. Unpredictable sometimes but we survive every day, even when it’s disappointing, it end making its own story and memories, days are days with different time and moments, weather and vibes, days are time when we fall in love and experience it.

Just like falling in love is beautiful and usually we don’t need to tell the world and people around us that we are in love, it radiates, your energy change and life gets more meaning, style of everyday speaks us and the beautiful butterflies in us for that day. It shows, the attitude and emotions, the high spirit that everybody tap into unknowingly and they love too. The life of the party in everyday is the look of that day, the day is the party, your style is the life of the party that makes the party rock and everybody just wants to party with you, you spark good vibes and smiles, making the party rock, dishing out the idea of fun and love and freedom, seducing them with the appearance of beautiful fabrics and the ideology behind fashion and day, the relationship we keep.

Every day you wake up in, is like you waking to see your lover by your side, smiling right back at you, the morning waking up kiss, the tender innocent breast in the light of the morning, gentle brush of the sheet against your skin, the joy of the wardrobe of how beautiful the body will look like that day. It’s a beautiful relationship, the falling in love and the true love of the fashion of the day and the day itself, the look of the day is the appreciation we show for experiencing the day, it’s our fulfillment of our side of the relationship we share with the day, seducing it to look beautifully at us and compliment us like the lovers that we are, making love to us like we want, the bedroom feel and the sensual touch, the whispers of fantasies and hope.

It will always be here, it never leaves, we get tired most times and we fall out of love, distracted by our pains and fears ending the relationship that was meant to be happily ever after for eternity, when we break heart we break our own heart too and we change, but the shadow of the beautiful memories flashes in our mind creating longings. Fashion makes everyday count, it makes it memorable and fun full of love and true moments, it’s the company we keep with every day, the day never get tired of us, it keeps coming every day, even when we are bored it still come around, it’s in love with the idea of us and the love we share. Love is beautiful and fun, fashion speaks how much we are in love with day and the day just loves us for who we are every time.