Indoor Saturday

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Indoor all day saturday with bae is one of the most fun part of the weekend you should try sometimes. The indoor feel of a weekend connect you more with your partner especially if they’re fun, you won’t get enough of it. And the fashion of indoor is beautiful and sexy, wearing bae’s white shirt with just your pant on… sexy and playful.
Here are top activities to make indoor saturday fun.

1. Workout Morning
Getting in shape is sexy and sexy is the bedrock of fashion. Start the morning home workout routine, whether it’s taking a jog around the block, or doing a workout video together, having someone to push you to #exercise is a great motivator! If you want to make it even more fun, try one of the Wii workout games together. Not only will you be burning calories, but you’ll most likely have a blast laughing together trying to follow the routines.

2. Cooking Competition
Make a cooking competition with bae using only the ingredients in your kitchen, have each of you concoct something different to eat. Then, have a taste test at the end to see who wins! Grade each other on presentation, creativity, and taste just like they do on TV. Who knows, you may come up with a new favorite recipe.

3. Games
Creating a drinking game out of a movie or your favorite TV show, or creating your own sport that you can play indoor. It doesn’t have to be a completely logical game, in fact, it would probably be even more fun if it didn’t make much sense. If it ends up being a really great game.


4. Indoor Photoshoot
A little silly is fun, have a funny photo shoot together. Dress up in whatever you can find around the house or put makeup on each other. Then set your camera to self-timer or you do selfies and take a bunch of pictures. If taking pictures isn’t really your thing, then try video taping your antics instead. There are tons of videos of couples being silly together.


5. Cartoon
Cartoons are the fun part of growing we all miss and watching it with bae help build a good flash backs get some of old cartoons you used to watch when you were a kid and stay at home and have each other pick out a bunch of the episodes you remember. It may even bring up stories and memories from being a kid you can tell each other that wouldn’t have been brought up in normal conversation! There are always new things you can learn about each other. Plus you can both get a good laugh at all the hidden adult innuendos that you didn’t pick up on when you were younger.


6. Inbed All Saturday
Sometimes the best place to spend the day together…is in bed. So stock up on snacks and movies, turn off your cell phones and laptops, change into something comfortable, and spend the whole day together without leaving your bed. Disconnecting from the world for a day can be just what you both need to relax and simply enjoy each other’s company. Watch a full season of a TV series you have both been wanting to watch or some movies you haven’t had the time to see. Make sure to talk and play around with each other as well.

7. Break A Record.
An interesting way to spend the day/night? Find a record in the Guinness Book of Records or your own previous record and try to break it again. If you can’t beat it, see who came the closest to doing so.

8. Karaoke Session
Singing and dancing along to some of your favorite songs is the coolest part of a day especially with bae, so fun especially when one of you don’t know the lyrics or can’t really dance to it lmfao, it create a good laugh and you know when you laugh alot you get younger.

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