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Perfect Body

We’re scared of perfect things, especially our body, the body part we’re usually insecure about is what makes our body perfect but because it’s not like the people we see every day we appreciate less what we have, wishing for what we can’t have expect we make it how we want it, what’s more authentic than natural. We fear what we do not know because it is unpopular and strange, not like hers/his the reason we hide away, shame ourselves thinking for people the ugly things in their mind, saying them to ourselves, those ugly thoughts shape our reality and how we see ourselves, feeling not enough.

What makes us different is our style, we’re made differently, we did not create who we are, knowing who we are gives us the power needed to be who we are supposed to be, we’re all work of art and people appreciate art differently, artist themselves create different art for different purposes at different times, depending on the influence and their wisdom. We are meant to live for different reasons.

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We’re usually blind to see why we’re created; the big boobs might be the signature of your person to make you more admirable to bring about different beauty that’s unpopular. Until you find beauty in you before you can reveal the beauty you are, you cannot give what you do not know you have even if you have it, you cannot express it because what you see is different, we live based on that.

Our body is where we function from, the first place to like and understand, we’ll need to be convinced it’s right for us, if we can win our body we can win the world, convinced we’re enough; we all want someone to believe and trust us, someone to have our back, but you’ll have to have your back and win all the ugly in your mind first, don’t think for people, let them think for themselves while you focus on winning your stupid thought that brings you down to be trampled on. The day we find our-self is a new Friday morning with the hope of a bright and beautiful evening losing all worries, partying alone not caring what the world will say, let them say if they want to or go fuck themselves while you fuck with yourself to win.

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Easier said than done, strength to win not easy to summon, deal with that, find your strength by yourself, you definitely know what makes you tick, find your second that’ll move your minute and hour to grow you to endless possibility through time; when you come alive and see yourself the world will see you; even if you can’t paint the final picture, give room, let good people find you to build you.

We are most times enough; we just have to know somehow.