Introducing Stylish Mom with Lara Cole

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Lara ColeThough we have personal pride but when your mom is lit and stylish, you’ll say fuck it I Love my mom, she’s a slayer, not only Melissa Rivers was proud of Joan Rivers, the whole world was, she was the mother of fashion, she was stylish till death and we love and miss her, we miss Fashion Police too.

My society is built on traditions and cultures and responsibilities, most lit moms are exceptional and rule breaker, they don’t conform to the general idea, they are the ones growing up you’ll love them to visit because they know wahsup and they’re always stylish. We celebrate Mother’s Day in a year you’ll almost lose count and wonder how many, fashion, it is believed to favor women more, in this society after birth some women get tired and relaxed and gradually they lose their touch and those that keep that touch are exceptional, they are the girl that survived, when you see them they are always stylish and beautiful and they’ll make you wish to be a mom.Stylish Mom

Stylish Mom is the fashion story and life of a mom that’s true to her style, she’s a regular on the best dress list and her Instagram page is lit every time, you’ll wish for her wardrobe and her sense of style, she is Mrs Cole married with kids and to Mr Cole and her life as a fashion slayer is interesting, on Instagram she’ll rock your timeline and in real life she’ll make your stare worth the while, she’s a living fashion tutorial to married young women.

You can’t help but love this generation and how things are changing, the new rules and the new living, living by your own rules and not by the traditions that has led us to where we are, the limitations of how to dress and how a married woman is supposed to look and act, robbing many of their creativity, she’s giving us one more reason to love stylish moms and how they light up our timeline and make us proud of the women that they are.

She’s got vibes and she’s got clothing store where all your wardrobe dreams can come true and on this series it will be all about her, her wardrobe, her store and her beautiful sense, on Instagram she can only show you little but here, you don’t want to miss a thing because she’s a fashion girl and she’s got lot of things to say.

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