Introducing TM Tote by Toke Makinwa

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Really nobody saw this coming, this is a big surprise to us and a big beautiful birthday gift to self, Toke Makinwa gave herself the best birthday gift ever.

So it’s her birthday today and she’s been the buzz all day and everybody is in the mood of her birthday, inviting all fans to party and all, but nobody thought of she lunching her bag line, yes we know she’s a lover of bag and probably in the future she will own a line but in right now, it’s a good time to lunch this, her motivating words was interesting too. We are loving everything about the TM Tote by Toke Makinwa! bag line.

Element and personality of Toke you’ll see all over the bag, it’s almost like toke is with you when you carry the bag, black crocodile toté skin bag, with gold stripes to form TM.

tokemakinwa#OnBecomingmore last year we launched a book, this year my name is on a BAG. Life is Golden, God is good.???
He sa
e’ll make me a praise on earth, he said he’ll bless me beyond my dreams and his words never fail. Don’t let what you go thru break you, grow thru the pain and become the best version on you.
I wri
his to encourage someone out there never stop believing in you. God has been so good to me, this dream is the first step to so much more I have to share with you. Watch this space ???? I’m off to party ?