Irresistible Buddies

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Qlue Editorial Photos

Cynthia Olorungbon and Mouyor Buttons, Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

Let’s fuck like never before, like this is what we’re made for, to fuck for the love we have, the lust of us, obsessed with everything that we are, how we’ve become who we are right now, thrilling and interesting, the fuck we think, fun we intend to create with the body of us, lust we host in our heart to create climax and moment that will be a tribute to how all this started, the crave of this body, of the one I love.

I ask, where do you want my tongue to go? How do you want it to make you feel? Her vanity is beautiful, the elicit thought of her heart too. We’ll let our bodies lead the way today that people go to vote and determine the future of this country like they believe, we’ll wait for the result and anticipate what our future hold, hate being bored, fun living is our watch word, all we intend to do today, to wait in lust for the result.

Qlue Magazine Editorial Photos

Cynthia Olorungbon and Mouyor Buttons, Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

Great is the creator and the feelings he installed in every human, lust that changes the body and thinking, the craving that wakes the body from its normal state to make it want something different, a different body that will spark more of that feeling to life with new meaning, new moments that’ll make memories for after now, a flash back in the future of what we did the day voters determine the future of this country, go vote and don’t sell your vote.

What’s life without love, without fashion, looking good and truth, let people live the way they want, truth in us, in every stupid and bad thing our brain think, for every solution created is the birth of a new problem, in every bad is a good, as there’s good in every bad, let people find the truth their own way, if they’re willing. Lovers of the moment that see different from what other lovers see, willing to explore and break new boundaries with new knowledge and thought, new hope for the future, the waking of new reality, different from imaginations and predictions but something real and alive.

Qlue Magazine Photos

Cynthia Olorungbon and Mouyor Buttons, Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

Let us welcome this day in vanity with beautiful fuck and fun, let the glory of the day radiate to brighten our heart, revealing truth and knowledge of how great the creator is, creator of this moment, of this day that we wake with the thought of pure eroticism and love of the body, the morning crave of fill me to the brim from behind, colorful beads moving in the rhythm of every pound and soft slap, moist hard, slippery inside, beautiful energy that possessed us to always be this, renewed at every cum, at every kiss, eyes of lust of people in vanity, our intention is to glorify the maker with our body after he created us in his image and likeness, with this feeling that makes happy, that took control of us to make the body more joyful with naughty ideas, soft voice whispers.

The lingerie is beautiful and sensual, adorning the body just as they’re intended, making the body irresistible.


Original article created during election time in February 2019