It’s a 2 Year, a Powerful 11/2

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Trendy Shoes 2018 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11
11 is a “Master number” in Numerology (so make a note of that!)

Then reduce again: 1 + 1 = 2

Based on that equation, 2018 is a 2 Universal Year. So the world will experience a powerful 11/2 Universal Year.

A year of spiritual illumination: 2018 is fueled by the Master number 11. The Master numbers carry a higher frequency, vibration and spiritual purpose. Energetically speaking, they’re always pushing us deeper into self-realization and self-actualization. A Master number demands that we expand and evolve.

It’s a year to focus more on others than on ourselves.

Glossy Boots The 2 Universal Year focuses on love, emotions and relationships. The energy of the 2 Universal Year takes the spotlight off of “you” flying solo and places the focus instead on “us” and what partnership means to our lives. The energy of the 2 Universal Year supports slowing down, becoming more social and getting intimate with our emotions.

It’s a great year for getting to know ourselves better. With the diplomatic and loving 2 at play, intuition and sensitivity is heightened. Explore your emotions instead of distracting yourself with busy-ness. The overall mission during this 11/2 Universal Year is to work together with harmony, balance and mutual respect. It’s not always easy, but think of it this way: “Master” means “Teacher.” The Master numbers prod all of us to “master” our lives in ways that are more elevated than usual.

Find your tribe. Detach from draining people and invest in relationships that inspire you to be your best self. Cultivating a support system takes time, so it won’t happen overnight. Be patient and keep at it.

Balance masculine and feminine. Concern for humanity or “me first”? Inclusion or exclusion? The 2 is heart/feminine energy, while the double 1’s are cerebral/masculine energy. An 11/2 Universal Year highlights these dualities. 2018 will challenge all of us to find the right balance between giving and receiving.

Shoe PornBe tolerant. A Master number cycle can heighten anxiety. Knowing this, we can be kinder to ourselves and more compassionate to others throughout the year. Remember that everyone is feeling this stress—not just you.

Embrace the lessons of conflict. The number 2 is the teacher of love, patience and diplomacy. But what must transpire for these important lessons to be learned? Sometimes: conflict! In a cycle guided by the number 2, we’ll find ourselves in more situations that require healthy emotional detachment. This is a year to back off from our own staunch viewpoints. Seeing all sides of the equation helps us formulate win-win scenarios rather than win-lose outcomes.

Humble thyself. Working with Master numbers is a marathon, not a sprint. We have to train, be flexible and take the tough coaching. Rushing into anything will lead to burnout. Master numbers teach us humility. We must overcome ego and connect with a deep sense of service before we can truly manifest the power of 11.