It’s Almost TGIF

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GTBank Fashion WeekIt’s almost Friday again, almost the end of the week, it’s almost that time for us to thank God it’s Friday.

While some shout TGIF, for some everyday is tgi something, tgi that day because they’ve make life work, they enjoy work, takes us back to the phrase that says do what you love, what do you love?

Even if everyday is tgi something or not, it’s Friday soon and we are excited because it spells fun, it spells freedom and it spells fashion and some good company, indoor sexy even. Playing dress up has been a regular ritual every weekend, got somethings during the week, weekends are best time to try them out and to know how good they fit and if probably it will need some adjustment.

Time to bring that momma’s cook book out or check out some food blog to cook something new, different from the regular dishes you prepare before now. With the many activities this weekend, alone time and him time should definitely be in the time schedule because you need care too, we all need to be pampered, some tender oily massage in the dead of the night while we gist of hopes and dreams.TGIF

It’s almost Friday again, time to create a new bucket list for this weekend and probably add that of last week that couldn’t be fulfilled but let’s live in fashion atmosphere this weekend, show love to somebody.