Jessamyn Is A Hot Mess And We Love Her

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YogaTime has change when the world find their hero somewhere else and that’s on the internet, also putting pressure on the people they call hero to be a super hero but not human being, their high goals they pitch to them and their expectations of how they should live drive the “hero” crazy sometimes as they get to live like who they really are, living their followers and fans disappointed but they are human too and they have the right to be who they really are, besides we love them for who they are and not who we want them to be.

Simple words bring us to reality sometimes and that’s why we fell in love with this post of Jessamyn

I don’t aspire to be a role model. I aspire to be a person who doesn’t hate herself. I’m not trying to inspire anyone. I’m a hot mess- the fuck do I look like, trying to “inspire” someone else? Gimme a break. Frankly, I’m confused as to when we stopped looking in the mirror for our heroes and started lookin’ for ‘em on the internet.

Sure, I’m glad that more people are exploring yoga and trying not to say shitty things about their bodies. And if my messy ass IG account has something to do with this new trend, then I guess that’s cool, too. But prepare to be disappointed because I’m extremely complicated, rude, aggressive, and I hold very polarizing opinions. And if someone chooses to be disappointed in me bc my behavior doesn’t mimic what they need in their own life, that’s just gotta be their cross to bear. A bitch can only worry about being her own hero- look in the mirror and find your own goddamn inspiration. #yoga

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