Joy of a Fan

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As fans I think we most time think and hope more for our celebrities, we wish them good, charm and think so high for them, even making wishes for them, their good thought we keep in our mind not wanting anything to hurt them, their skills and how they make us feel we adore and appreciate their craft. Usually as fans all you want is the nonstop of whatever joy and feel you get whenever your sense any information about that celeb, that joy of a fan. 

Their songs and characters just get stocked in our head and usually you don’t get tired of it, more of addiction like the sound track to a movie, your life, their charm holds us spell down so they became our role models people we look up to, people that inspire us of how great you can be, showing hopes of success and hard work and the joy of it too, they influence our picture of life and how we interpret life, they even influence our brand and our thinking, they are the gods we are seeing so we believe and judge through them, their ideas influencing ours, more dreams they make us make and hopes, for a better tomorrow maybe, but for a chance to own time as the celeb maybe not all part of you but some part of you wish it, as how great they see the celeb now and for some they are too overwhelmed and they don’t know what to do, you became a human wish being, you inspired their existence. 

We usually though most times we tend not to agree it to ourselves we do always find the approval of someone, a higher body someone we hope to, we picture the person’s judgement as final say to the situation we’re current in, they help us to picture life as fun and as bed of roses a place where all you have to do is just dream and it’s happening, fantasies and colorful imaginations of what freedom is, of a life you can live by just thinking it. Life though can be interpreted as a movie which a higher body somewhere above is watching, so like in the movie everybody usually love the good guy, they make us see that much of a good guy in our own interpretation of what good means in the life movie, they just help us to make life interesting.

They make us respect the word talent and how creatively they think