Joy of the Season

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Sound of bangers and Christmas carols is the soundtrack of this season, the shout of joy and good laughs, even reunion as families get to hang out in big circle eating and gisting, gossiping and meeting new people in the family, this season is the season you can’t help but feel the bound of family and the lust for food, some can’t help the constipation, the holiday weight even, but it’s worth it because this is Christmas, since there’s exercise let’s gain the weight and we burn it after the holidays, it’s a promise, even when you’re careful about what you eat, little weight sometimes still sneaks in, but the joy of the season makes us careless.

Just like everyday, some days are awesome, made from heaven and some days, you can bet is made from hell, while some are celebrating some are suffering heartbreak, some are brooding over the goals they did not achieve, beating up themselves, tuning out the joy of the world, planning again, wanting a better Christmas next year, the one they will really celebrate. Some people celebrate festivities while for some it’s a reminder of how much they’ve accomplished during the year, life has got it different shades and it happens to us differently.


Sex is the thrill of the moment, the cold weather, the harmattan, carol songs, the attractiveness of every face you see, the lust for the season, the vanity of this period, drink responsibly and sex with protection or without, you always know what’s best though, but going wild is a good idea because that will make the story that will be told in January, so it’s ok if you throw all caution to the wind and be the you the season needs, the fun one.

Show love not just to your family but to the world, 2018 is counting down, the hope of 2019 we’re nursing already, planning on how to make it fun and better than 2018, we evolve because we’re humans, that’s what we do, we’re meant to show love to everybody, any race or social status or age even, everybody deserves to be loved.

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