June from the Editor – Acceptance of Self

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We accept our self differently, we should accept ourselves more, this is us doing things in our own way in our full glory, this is us, the human that we are, that we can only better ourself and we can’t run away from who we are.

Accepting ourselves is acknowledging who we are, it’s telling ourselves the truth and not lying to ourself, one of the greatest sin is lying to ourselves, that’s really not fair and that’s the vibe of being fearful, it brings us down and our ego too, it affects our self esteem which makes us do somethings in the wrong manner and helps us runaway from our responsibility. Like the growing in the trend of life, you do one step after the other, one stage after the other, you really can’t skip any stage, so why rejecting what we are at a particular point in time, even if we don’t like the person we are at that time all we need do is better the person we are and not lie to ourselves which makes us to live a life that we are not or trying to satisfy the society or our peers all because we couldn’t accept us.

Life is beautiful and the only way it really is, is by accepting who we are and the quest of bettering ourselves. Really nobody just became good at birth, its a constant improvement and knowing who you are and who you want to be. 

On the street different life, different vibe, different aspirations and different thoughts travel through different people’s mind, different trends too as it has been, your fashion reflect who you are and the vibe you possess at that time. The different personality we see on the street helps us to reflect back on our lives and to look inward and ask ourselves some questions which will prompt us to either conclude either we should better who we are or of how much we have given up or of how much hope we still have in us, the street motivates as much as it kills sometimes, but we can always decide what the street makes us do and how it affects our hope and the personality and dream we want to achieve.

Living better than what we are is usually the dream, attaining that dream life, living that good life, bringing the pictures in our head to life, our fantasies and it all can come to life by first accepting who and what we are and a true evaluation of who we are will help us grow and define who and what we want to be.

It’s a new month with new hope and aspiration of a better remaining time in this year, it’s time to dream again and to strive again, to have hope again and not to give up, its time to find strength again and be the better version that we’ve always wanted to be. It’s a new month of accepting who we are and to better who we are. It’s a new month of June.

The fun in this month should be more interesting, the hangout, the sex and the fashion as the weather helps us to be creative with our style, dressing for two weather in a day, the relationship we keep adding more fun and good vibes to it making it lit, smiling more and complimenting more, making somebody’s day and making our days too. 

Let’s color the month beautiful. Happy New Month.