Just Thinking; The Idea of Life

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LifeSometimes I really just want to be sure if Heaven or Hell really exist not because to make the decision to be good or bad or to obey some doctrines but to know what happens to people when they die, maybe there’s a life after death that’ll make the dead use their talent and their good vibe in a life that’s different from the one on earth, because some dead are not supposed to die like that, some people really deserve to live till they fade, it’s almost like leave when the applause is loud never should apply when it comes to dying at a peak, but if really death is just death and everything really ends in that dark ground, it’s scary and painful because everything just waste down there.

But if we don’t die, there’ll be lot of procrastination, maybe less will be done, maybe we’ll really waste away living and we’ll just do almost nothing and the world won’t grow much because of the mentality of I’ve got tomorrow, I can do it later or probably we’ll be able to achieve exceedingly greater things than what we’ve achieved now maybe humanity will be some kind of a different god, new technologies and innovations, beautiful form of entertainment and great talent, the great ones that have impact the world with there works could have probably do more, inspire and train more people, maybe the world could have probably be a better place.


But then they’ll say the world will be congested like how it’s believed that the world is right now and it’s believed the world purge itself out at some point. The congestion of the world is a serious discussion now, the eco system and how humans are destroying the world and the preaching of humans to sustain humanity and live the kind of life that’ll make the human race last for eternity, maybe till rapture time. Though as it seem the world is congested, there’re a lot of uninhabited grounds that humans haven’t discover, green lands even, you just discover humans just love the popular place, the urban trending place that speaks for our ego and pride, maybe that’s the congestion the world is complaining about, maybe we need to spread out and experience new land, new place and decongest the urban place, develop the rural places and make it conducive.

One thing for sure is we won’t last forever, we’ve got expiring date, and we have no power over that, the only power we have is when we are alive, in the present, so let’s live, let’s create and influence and inspire, let’s be alive while we are alive.