Kanye Gospel Vibe

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Virgil Abloh

Kanye West and Virgil Abloh

My hero now does gospel music, worshiping God is the vibe of the moment, knowing him is what’s trending. The energy is different when you worship and praise God, pure and clean, the reason I was not surprised when Kanye performed with his choir at coachella and his new album. Lana and God are in good times too, she now goes to church on Wednesdays and Sundays, God is the vibe right now.

The energy is different in his presence, the freedom too. Waking up with worship songs in the morning, singing along to worship songs while bathing, wondering what having sex and playing worship songs will be like, erotic and bright I can imagine, candles, lingerie and smoke of course on a Saturday night when we feed the vanity of our heart, role playing and climax. Nutella coated pussy, honey stained dick, endless crave of lust, attractive body you don’t want to resist every time, not in this life time.

Kanye West

Kanye West and Virgil Abloh

God ambiance is the reality to experience¸his energy is contagious that you can’t contain yourself when you contact the energy.The you you know you’ll loose because you can’t be yourself when he dwells in you and even after you’ve left his presence his energy will still be with you, it will engulf you and take you everywhere, it’s more lasting than been intoxicated with alcohol.

People will say all sort of things when you air your views and opinion about certain topics, they won’t see it your way because they seem to be the highest authority. We think things differently, our thought provide us with different understanding and belief. Kanye songs have always uplift and trigger your mind to brainstorm some topics with truth and not being bias, he’s a genius and we’re grateful he’s existing in our time. For fans that have always love his songs I’m sure many can’t wait for the album to drop, his lyrics and sound I’m anticipating, his gospel energy and vibe, my mind is open to be blown away because that’s what Kanye does, he’ll blow your mind to pieces and you’ll love him for it.