Kanye is Trailblazing Sustainability in Fashion

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Aside from making strides in the fashion field, his latest album, Jesus is King, is one Kanye West piece to have now. Sustainability in fashion is making major strides too and Kanye is trailblazing the movement, his bringing fashion production for his brand Yeezy in-house. Yeezy is projected as one of the chicest, coolest brands out.

“I was looking for a place to set up the Yeezy campus. I was like wow, these are actually the Yeezy tones right here. It actually is the palette.” West says in an interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1

He’s recently been using his newly bought house and plot of land as a creative hub for his music, but also for the expansion and base for Yeezy productions.


“We’re building farms here because of the climate and because of the soil and hydroponic cotton, wheat, hemp and we’re developing our own fabrics so we’re going to go from seed to sow from the farming table so we can see the entire process.”

West’s aim for a more controlled, eco-conscious approach to fashion production is exemplary of where sustainability should be heading. “We’ve got to sustain right? And for me, I know it’s an interview and we’re talking, but the reason why I didn’t want to say 20 years from but 6 months from now is really not about talking, it’s about doing. So we are doing, we are in the process right now” says West noting the importance of taking action with becoming more sustainable.