Khanyi Mbau Butterfly Outfit We’re Still Loving Even After a Month

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Khanyi MbauCan bet many people wonder how some people are so obsessed with fashion and how they look, that they will look good every time, no matter what, most times when you see some piece, you see yourself in it, you know you’ll slay in it, most times you’ll even imagine how you’ll walk in it, wearing it in your head before you actually get to wear the outfit.

Guess I can say almost everybody loves the beauty of a butterfly, colorful and attractive, always pretty, you’ll want to play with them, the beauty of fashion and the creation of designs is, to beautify you as a canvas and it can take any shape.Butterfly

Some piece you’ll buy and you’ll wait for the perfect time to rock it, Khanyi Mbau waited for this piece to be worn and it was at the South African Film and Television Awards 2018 and we are still talking about how she made it a statement. On the red carpet you’re meant to dazzle and that’s exactly what she did.

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