Kim Kardashian Nude Top to Meet Barack Obama and the President Wrote About ”Lovely” North!

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President Barack Obama does do autographs.
Kim Kardashian went all out for Flashback Friday today, sharing a photo of herself and Kanye West posing with the commander in chief. “#FBF POTUS,” read her simple caption.
So is this what inspired Kanye that time when he said, “No one is looking at what [Obama] is wearing”? Because sure enough, it’s hard to take your eyes off Kim, who wore one of her favorite color combos–nude and black–to meet the president, in the form of a tight black skirt and black tuxedo jacket over a bodysuit that fully covered her but looked a lot like skin.
Kimye kept their meeting with Obama under wraps when it happened, but on Election Day, Nov. 4, Kanye decided it was time to spill the beans for a good cause: civic engagement.
He tweeted, “Me and my wife met with President Obama two weeks ago.” “I’m supporting the Democratic ticket in these midterms,” he continued. “These midterms are extremely important. I know it’s last minute, but if you haven’t voted, please vote today.”
Kanye revealed that and the missus had gone to the White House exactly one week before Kim’s Paper magazine cover was released and the Internet barely survived.
But a zillion photos are taken of Kim and Kanye–the real souvenir from their trip to Washington, D.C., was the personal message scrawled in the corner of Kim’s photo.
“To Kanye & Kim — Thanks for the support and best wishes to your lovely daughter!” Signed, “Barack Obama.” Now there’s something for North West’s baby book!

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