King Bax Vintage Time of Art #northernvibes

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African Sexy

Created by King Bax

Finding it sometimes you just have to take it back to the root, the raw source where it’s all fresh and sweet, the strength, the core of us as human that influence how we see this reality, the art in the eye of the beholder, beauty we all see, the groove and how we connect to it, it just leads the way, we let it because we trust its lead, it’s the right way so we follow the lead, and every time, we love where we end, the thrill is always beautiful, you can even say go fuck yourself.

Life is the art we live, the canvas that we change the art on it every day, the music of the mind, the thought of the heart to see beautiful in the lead of thought, with the vision of the heart, we see beauty, all of us, but we see differently, all thanks to our root. Salla ma le kun.

Northern Canvas

The freedom we find we find for different reasons, the life we live and how we live and see the art of the everyday life, only what they can prove they approve, hope they’ve made us lost even, but hope we found, the beat of the art on the canvas with the influence of the where we’re from, the base. Don’t fuck with.

Northern ArtTake it back to the olden days, you’ll still love the feel of their different version of freedom, they have it different from how we live these days, and the vintage time we still miss, so we find glamour in it, the beauty of it we love and so we became addicted and we love our addictions, it’s a beautiful one, you’ll be jealous because we create beautiful every time, the time of the art we live, the reality we experience, the art of time we create in vintage with the northern vibe, ran ka de de.

Fashion Art

The music is different, we love it, vintage we will die for, the fashion of what we love, the twist and the blend with time, they make beautiful, what we live for, our fulfillment. Time we create, every time, every time we wake, life we live again, recreated, new experience with the same life, recreate, all we do all of our life, but we hate boring so we decide to create art, and life became beautiful, lust for time.

We are from the free culture, life is life and we create the art of it everyday.

Sexy Art

Photo Art Created by King Bax “thenigeriandream”

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