King of ‘Me’ Kingdom by Queen-C Star

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“I am the master of my house. MY collective thoughts about who I believe me to be now, is who I really am. Who I am is my house. I am who I believe me to be. I am me now.” Queen-C star

I am building my house on a solid foundation. To build a solidified formidable foundation for my house, I must cross the rivers of life.  I can cross as many rivers (unfavorable circumstances) as I think I can, to accomplish as many goals as I think I can. As I cross each river; I am mastering the art of river crossing (winning), I am mastering the fear of drowning (failure, loosing) and at the same time, I am mastering the art of swimming (thinking rightly) under extreme pressure. I am a winner now. I think like a winner. I can win in all aspects of my life. I can have it all and more.

To win in my life, I must always move forward; freely. I am now choosing to move forward freely. I am making the conscious decision now, to burn as many bridges behind me as possible. I am burning out, from my mind, regrets and remorse in connections with; some past family members, some past lovers, some past friendships, and most importantly some past irrelevant unaccomplished goals. I am freeing my mind to receive new, exciting and rewarding goals, business ventures, friendships, lovers and family relations.

I forgive my past now. I forgive myself for not knowing or understanding who I was then. However, I know who I am now.  Therefore, I will move forward by accepting my here and now as ME true reality. I approve of me now. I accept me now. I see me as a perfect being now. I admire me now. I am proud of me now. I see the best in me now. I am doing the best I can do for me now. I am in a good position in my life now. I am setting ME up to win big and perpetually now. I believe I am a true winner of life now. I am the most important aspect of my life now. I put me first now, in all circumstances and situations. I have no other superiors. I am the king of ME kingdom. I am the king of ME kingdom.

I know I forgot about me in the past. I know at some point I cared about someone else’s feelings more than I did mine. I know I let myself down at some point in yesterday. However, today, I am alive and I have more than enough life left to live. I can flip the script by putting me at the epic center of ME life. I know I can be the superstar of my show. I can see myself in a new light now. Now, I know I deserve the best of everything. Now I know I deserve to be loved and care for, not abused and rejected. I know my body is not a determine factor as to who I am. Thus, I judge me not based on my physical reflection but on the thoughts I reflect on.

My kingdom is my predominating thoughts about who I think I am right now. Right now, I think I am the best. I love my mind, I love my body and I love my soul.

I determine who I am now, who I was then and who I am becoming now. My success in love and business is eminent. I am the master of my story. I am the director of my movie. I am the producer of my life. I am my very own blessings. I believe me to be the most amazing human being in my world. I am important to me. I am special to me. I am adorable to me. I am attracted to me. I am worth to me. I am valuable to me. I am focused on me. I am my only source of happiness. I am above the need and want of things to make me happy. My happiness and contentment comes directly from me thinking about me at my highest ideal now. I accept my high mindedness. I approve of the way that I do things. I am innocent. I am free. I am my only judge. My judgement of me is fair. I trust my judgement about me. I accept my verdict of innocence. I have all rights to my life. I have all rights to think in whatsoever direction I please. I see me as a good person. I see me as a person of value. I see me as a person of worth in business, love relations and my home life. I am a good friend. I am a good lover. I am a good human being.

I open my mind to happiness, wealth, health and prosperity in my life now. I really do believe I can be completely happy and contented now by always accepting me as I am now. I am at peace with myself. I am free to think freely. I feel self-centered now and I have all rights to be whatever I feel please being. I’m pumped up! I am ready to go! I am ready to do better by me now.

Of course I wish I could go back into yesterday and change a few things around. What’s the point in that though? Considering I am who I am because of my many f**K ups.


Nothing will ever go as planned. Planning is only a guideline as to what I ought to accomplish next. As I accomplished each goal, I discover a new part of me I didn’t even know existed, until after the fact. I appreciate all ME f**k ups. F**K ups are greatly related to hiccups; it happens and there is nothing I can do about it. My life is precious and I will live freely, acceptingly, happily and rightly.