Lara Cole One of the Best Girls in my Life – Sharon Ojong

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Fashion Girl

Sharon Ojong in “Omolara” REKANA

It’s ok if you call her Burna Girl, oh yes, she’s that girl with the vibe that will light up vibrations even if you’re yet to meet her irl, she’s stylish and a modern woman, she’s a goal and inspiration to friends, family and even fans. Shamazing is that fashion girl that will make you double tap and even watch her videos many times without thinking about your data, she’s a creator, the creator of REKANA and Lara Cole aka Burna Girl is one of her best girls, she inspired a look from REKANA’s collection and you can bet we love the look, we love fashion girls.

Omolara REKANA

Her Confession;

♥ Omolara ♥
I have friends with hearts of gold. And I’ve made beautiful friendships that died.
But let me tell you something about one of the best girls I ever met in my life, @colelaracole
A friend who has supported me professionally, personally and emotionally.
A friend I love, and our relationship is 80% textual. I mean, we text each other all the time.
As business partners, we sometimes see each other in person, and it’s great, but we text each other a lot more often than we see each other. And if we are to make a book out of our both profound and random text messages, DMs and WhatsApp someday, way too many things will be revealed in the process, and it would be sold out. 
Someday I would tell you more about this babe. But, today is about this Omolara trouser and shirt blouse from inspired by her.

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