Lara Cole Our Fashion Inspiration

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Fashion Girl

Lara Cole

She’s got groove in her heart and fashion is her brand and she’s Lara Cole the fashion girl that’s rocking our world and defining being a mother differently and her fashion sense you’ll fall hopelessly in love with because you’ll love everything she wears because it’s on purpose and you can’t help but appreciate  the sense of her creativity and the mixing of trends, but really you can’t blame her because that’s her work, it’s in the atmosphere of fashion she live in, in the atmosphere of beautiful fashion that will make you stalk her Instagram feed and even make you set the notification on, that whenever she post, you’ll be notified because she’s style inspiration, she’ll inspire you to want to dress your best with ease because that’s fashion, fashion is you defining you with fabrics, so really how well do you know yourself that you’ll be able to define yourself not in words but in fabrics, fabrics is a different definition of our person and personality and how well you define yourself is how the world will perceive you and how we perceive Mrs. Cole is, she’s a Fashion Married goddess.Style Inspiration

At work, off work, on vacation, she’s a fashion style star and you’ll love her interpretation of what she’s wearing, her style sense and her vibe and the kind of vibrations she gives, her energy is beautiful and contagious only if you open your mind though and when you are not crippled with the ideas of the society and how they see fashion and style especially in our society where they expect you to live and behave a certain way because of who you are and the color of your complexion and the environment you are from, fashion, her fashion is the definition of the creative mind that’s taking over this time that we are living in, making it different from the generation that gave birth to us, the generation that made us see less beauty in fashion and in our skin, for we are created in his own image and likeness which means we are supposed to be proud of who we are because we are little gods.Lara Cole

And as a little goddess she dress and we love every of her fashion sense because it’s what the world, our society need at this point in time when all we see around is manipulations of our rights and the deprivation of it even, making us not feel worthy of being ourselves and who we are, making us to adhere to just one way of life, the kind of live they’ve lived all their life, the kind of life they lied to us about but really life is life and you are the life you are living not the society, life is what we interpret it to be and she’s making us want to live a fabric and style fulfilled life, freedom to dress just as you want you to  be perceived not as they will like you to be perceive.