Lara Cole Our Woman Crush Wednesday

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Fashion Girl Recently her Photos has been interesting and I’ve been thinking of what to do with them, her achievements too and the vibe she gives, really you can’t help not loving her photos because she’s always stylish, always and that’s just one of the million amazing things about her, she is a blessing, then it strike me that it’s Wednesday today which means we need somebody to crush on, there’s one thing about crushing on someone though, you usually don’t crush on just anybody, often times you crush on somebody that steals your attention, somebody that you wish to be, for who they are and what they represent, for their prowess and the sense of their achievement and power to bring things to life, you crush on somebody that’s living and not just living but living a good life and motivates you to want to live yourself and that’s she, that’s Lara Cole

African Stylish Mom

Aside from her sense of style which we can’t help not to stalk, she’s always one of the many people i look forward to when I tap on the Instagram icon, it’s always what will she be wearing today, she’s got this ability to surprise you with her everyday look, but not just her sense of style alone, it’s her life as a woman, as a mother and not just any kind of mother but a modern day mother that represents everything the next generation need to survive, her strength and passion and how real she is, creative and industrious, the kind of woman that defines womanhood differently.

Lara Cole

Seeing her you’ll almost forget she’s got kids or married even, her style is always fresh like they’ll say, trendy and sharp giving the unmarried goals to meet, many unmarried women don’t even have the guts to dress like her because they still live with this idea of what the society will think of me which makes them to lie to themselves and live less, paining themselves, not to talk of the everyday married woman that wear the crown of I’m married and I can’t dress stylish and attractive because I wear a ring, like the ring is a good reason not to live, like it’s a perfect excuse to kill your self and let your passion and life drown because you said those vows, she’s redefining all that telling the unmarried you can be married and be alive, you can be married and stylish and trendy and the world won’t disrespect you, it’s all about being real.

Woman Crush Wednesday

This days you don’t need to see the ring before you know someone is married, their boring sense of fashion just say it all, even you can confuse some unmarried people too as being married because of their sense of style too, all in the name of they’re looking for husband, so they dress mature like they’ll say with the intention of they’ll attract the husband material, the type they’ll later bore to death and have no option but to want a trendy side chic, how I wish they’ll realize the sense in style, fashion, the appreciation and not seeing it as vanity because that’s how they tag it, like why do I have to be glamorous my husband like me like that… lol

This woman has thought us a lot of things just with her Instagram profile and her style sense and the beautiful relationship she keep with her kids and family and her business too, she’s that millennium African super woman that’s giving us a good reason to want to be a woman, yes living can be one of the hardest thing especially in the reality of this recent world where the being alive is even stranger than the dreams we dream, guess it’s easy to dream but living it is the real deal, she’s giving us a reason to want to live all those beautiful dreams and to survive it all and not to be scared to get married and have kids even and also showing us that you can be married with kids and beautiful business and be stylish and be trendy like a fashion girl, it’s Wednesday today and Lara Cole is the woman we are hopelessly crushing on because she’s everything that’s making sense right now, she’s the goal, she’s the millennium African mother.